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That's me with my grand-kids in the image to the left.

My wife and I have friends who are wine snobs (we hide the Black Box Merlot when they come over) and they also happen to be kitchen knife snobs.

We love them dearly but were always embarrassed when they were helping out in our kitchen and used our dull, big-box store knives as they always complained about how dull our knives always were.

So I used their knives (Henkels) once when we were in their kitchen and realized how bad our knives actually were.

They had a quality set that seemed balanced, felt nice in my hand and the edges were amazing as they cut with ease.

It was time to explore Consumer Reports, Shopsmart and other rating services including a well rated Rachael Ray Set in our search of a quality set for our kitchen.

Our mission for this site is to find only 4-star rated or better Cutlery sets to review and then spotlight these 4-star+ sets with 10 or more ratings as this is a better indication of quality cutlery reviews than a couple of reviews offering a 5-star rating.

There will always be a disgruntled reviewer and we take that into consideration as these folks are going to find the problems.

They will find the problems because that is what they are looking for.

A lot of people are happy with purchasing a quality cutlery set and tend to over-look any negatives in the product.

We want you to see it all and will attempt to show you some of the issues that come up regarding top level cutlery sets.

We love Amazon as it is a great place to buy cutlery with it's free shipping and you won't be using up that $4 a gallon gas or that precious "time factor" that we all seem to be running short of these days.

Some cutlery brands you will see are:







One of the first things we noticed was what they call the "tang".

The picture below shows a cheap knife on the bottom and a quality knife at the top.

  • The knife at the top of the image is strong as the metal flares to match the handle.
  • It is from the highly rated $90 Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Knife Set.
  • The "tang" goes all the way to the end of the handle.
  • This knife handle is soft to the touch.
  • The Handle is comfortable in your hand and feels safe.
  • The bottom knife looks and feels weak as it enters the cheap plastic handle.
  • You can't tell how far the 'tang" goes into or through the handle.

Cutlery Quality

My Grand-daughter the Chef

My Grand-daughter "Isabella the Chef" will tell you that the cutlery products on this website are the Best in Chef's Cutlery products you can find.

You are here because like us, you are looking for the best cutlery for the price and it is our aim to help you in that search.

We are constantly reviewing the best cutlery sets we can find for each category and price.

Keep coming back as we are building new cutlery reviews (look at the left tab on every page or below in this article) every week for your pleasure and purchase.

Take a look at our findings and reviews as we attempt to help you in your next cutlery buying decision.

The selections on the right are the best of Amazon as we like the service, selection, prices and products offered and the typical Free Shipping doesn't hurt the wallet.

You will not find any cutlery sets rated below 4 stars as we only wanted the best cutlery products for us and for you.

As you look at these pages, notice the prices for the "used" sets and consider that if the used sets of cutlery is selling for close to the "New" pricing, these better quality sets hold their value.

Among our favorite Cutlery sets are the highly rated/low cost Chicago Cutlery Brands and the Analon 15 Piece Cutlery Set with Block.

Along with the guarantees that come with these quality cutlery sets, they are proven to be able to be resold at or near the price of new if you decide resell your set.

When a product rating drops below 4 stars, we will remove the product to ensure the best cutlery quality for your consideration.

You will find some very well rated sets that are not only very affordable, their "quality for the price" will surprise you.

The prices of quality sets are all over from $2000 for the "Chef Grade" to $70 for great starter sets.

Different prices, colors and unique blocks and handles are here and available on the left side of the site.

We also looked into the types of Steel used and why Rust should not be feared in the making of High Grade Cutlery and you can find that article here.

We wanted to help you as you start your search for the best prices, so take a good look at the reviews.

We wish you the best as you search for a set that works for your kitchen and budget.

This Best Cutlery site is here to help you make an informed decision when it comes to the best cutlery available.

The Best Cutlery in the world have names like Calphalon, Wusthof, Victorinox, Shun, Saber, Mundial, LamsonSharp, Henckels, Global, and even one surprising set called Ginsu.

The categories below and to the left offer a selection within a price range and gift ideas.

Hovering your mouse over the products on the right offer instant pricing and descriptions.

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