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Mundial Future 24 Piece Block Set

Another Mundial set to consider is the great looking set below:

This Mundial 5100 Series 16-Piece Knife Set with Block and Classic Black Three Rivet handles is a sure quality purchase.

List Price is $631.00 and Amazons price is $399.90 for the set below.

Mundial 5100 Series 16-Piece Knife Set with Block, Black

Comes with a lifetime guarantee:

  • Any home gourmet knows the value of a good steak knife, and this good-looking four-piece set of fully forged Mundial 5100 steak knives is a keeper.
  • The knives' 4-inch serrated-edge blades cut through even the toughest meat with ease while also enhancing the presentation of any tabletop setting.
  • For many chefs, nothing beats the ergonomic comfort or classic styling of fully forged cutlery in "basic black." Mundial's 5100 Series Black is just that.
  • The company's oldest line of fully forged knives, it exemplifies all the expertise that Mundial has acquired through its more than 70 years of crafting gourmet cutlery.
  • 5100 Series Black is fully forged from high-carbon stainless steel and features a durable polyacetal handle in the traditional three-rivet style.

The Value of a Fully-Forged Knife:

  • Mundial knives, with very few exceptions, are fully forged in a manufacturing process that combines innovative technology with old-world tradition and expertise.
  • In the forging process, steel is heated to an extremely high temperature, set into a die, and hammered into the shape of the basic blade.
  • Following a heating and cooling process, the forged blade is ground to create a full taper to the cutting edge.
  • The result is a stronger, thicker, more resilient blade that flares smoothly at the heel to blend into the shape of the handle.
  • Fully forged cutlery offers an array of key benefits, including greater tensile strength, increased durability, lasting sharpness, and better balance and control.


  • Mundial's computer-aided design creates the perfect shape and balance for chopping, dicing, and slicing all types of food.
  • The knives are fully forged from high-carbon chrome molybdenum stainless steel for the best edge retention and sharpening ease.
  • Each knife also undergoes Mundial's computerized blade grinding and polishing process to create a precise taper from tip to bolster (the quality bolster is the main feature of any truly forged knife).
  • Busy chefs will appreciate the ergonomically crafted handles with full tangs, which deliver comfort, balance, and durability.
  • Every Mundial knife is also hand sharpened and individually tested for ultimate performance.

Quality Control:

  • How do Mundial knives compare to other premium cutlery? In addition to its extensive quality control procedures, Mundial regularly submits its products to an international independent testing facility.
  • These standardized testing methodologies continue to show that Mundial knives are among the best in the world.

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